SOUND ON VISION is an enterprise with 20 years of experience in creating music, composing hits and jingles, recording, editing,  mixing and mastering dialogue, songs, albums, compilations or any promotional release, recording, editing and mixing sound for films and television shows, working in audio post production, creating sound design and multitrack recordings, live mixing and mastering, streaming concerts, shows and festivals and also offering professional live sound solutions for smaller and bigger venues, events and concerts since 1997. Sometimes working on the above mentioned fields requires individual talent, other times it calls for an assembled group of professionals, our company offers both solutions. We pride ourselves in always aiming to reach the highest professional standards and achieve the best quality sound solution for our clients as we firmly believe in the power of the perfect sound.
The perfect sound can make your dream come true. We will help you find your unique sound.




MIXING – so all elements fall to their right place.
MASTERING – so the sound we create can be thoroughly enjoyed on every sound system, from laptop to PA.
BROADCASTING – so your event, show or concert will give an unforgettable audio experience to your audience …
…and even to those who can’t be there.


Our base is on the top of the house where the sun goes down in the center of Budapest.
This is my place.
This is my place…
This is your place.
…and that is your place when we work together.
This si our chill place.
And we have a roof top chill out place if we want to take a short break.
I love to work with the best instruments.
I love to make a nice shot of espresso and also I love to be with dogs 🙂








Vajda Marcell

Vajda Marcell